Richard Stableford - "Stable Jon" (Smit Nederland)

Thought I would send a couple of photos. of my tug built from the Model Boats Smit Nederland hull.

She  took about 18months off-and-on to build (almost finished apart from weathering and details) using the Model Boats styrene hull and plans and with no access to a "workshop".  Fittings are predominantly scratch built except for the stanchions, floodlights and mast lights.  Everything else from scratch or pilfered from defunct models.

She is powered using 2 x 385 motors running off a 6v 4Ah SLA through home built Electronize speed controllers.  Home made kort nozzles but no Becker rudders (couldn't get any in the UK!).  I use an F14 radio with home brew transmitter controls and there is a home built  Action quadswitch fitted to control the nav lights, towing lights and deck lights -the radar also turns via a manual on-off switch.  The tow hook release on the rear deck is functional -connected to a servo under the deck house.  I'll get proper brass propellers for her once I can decide on the correct ones.

She sits pretty much on the equivalent tropical freshwater load line so I can't fit any more functions on but she takes chop really well (just as well on the Aberdeen boating pond).

I invented "Stable Towage Services" and gave her the name "Stable Don" based on a fictional company operating from Aberdeen and part of my name. I think if I do another tug I'll do the same thing and add her to the fleet.

My next project is the midhip section of one my employers offshore pipe laying vessels with working equipment to use for demo and r&d.  If I ever get it completed (which I hope so-its for work) I'll send on the photos.

Richard Stableford

PS. Really interesting website Martin, you should really try a scratch build next, it sounded like the Robbe S130  was enough of a task for a kit build!