Hi Mayhem

A customer told us of your site and we think you may be interested in us as we know we are  the biggest and the cheapest stockist of Graupner, Robbe, Billings and Aeronaut boat kits in the UK.

We currently have over 2500 boats in stock from these manufacturers and we also supply Mtroniks and Electronize speed controllers all cheaper than elsewhere, (including Electronize themselves) in fact we can supply everything to build a boat kit including 40meg radio 2 channel combos at 32.50 GBP for example.

We are a wholesaler who turned retailer last year and we buy direct from  Graupner and Robbe and so on and sell direct to the public so no middle man.. We can also supply all Graupner spares and our maximum delivery time is 21 days though most items if not in stock are 10 days.

We only do boats no cars no planes and we appear at the moment in Model Boats and have  advertised in Marine modelling and have even been featured in the Chandlery section of a recent issue following a visit from the editor Chris Jackson. Our web site is under construction but we can be emailed at or phoned on 01606 76513 (heck we even have a call  back system so we can pay for the call ! )

Hope this is of interest to you all. No one will ever beat us on price and stock that's for sure I have attached a picture from our recent show at Ellesmere Port and a price list of kits if its of interest.

Thanks Mark Williams.
Managing Director