1.   How to RESIZE your photos with  XP

(  First you may need to download the Windows XP 'Power Toy'  Image Resizer - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx

Open  Windows Explorer.
    ( Windows key + E  or
      Right click my Computer > Explorer or
      START > All Programs >  Accessories > Windows Explorer )

2.   Find your photographs on your computer, in this case C:\Temp2


3.  Change to 'Thumbnail view'
     ( View > Thumbnails )


4.     ( With 'Image Resizer' download and installed )
      Click on the photo ( Photos ) you  want  to resize.
      ( Tip: Hold Ctrl key and click on photos - or -
        click on first Photo, then press & hold down SHIFT KEY and click on the last
        photo you want to select, all photos in between will then be automatically
        selected )
        With Photos selected ./ highlighted, RIGHT CLICK on one of the photos,
        slide down to "Resize Pictures"


5.    This menu will pop up....


6.   If you click on 'Advanced' you get 2 more options, make sure you DO NOT
- [ Resize the original picture ( Don't create copies ) ]

7.   Select - Medium (fits a 640 x 480 screen )


8.   Click on [ OK ]

9.   A copy of the photo (photos) will then appear in the directory named something like PIC1234 (Medium).JPG


10.  The new photo (photos) are resize and compressed down to 640 x 480
        ( The other file that will appear is an XP file that remembers the Thumbnails. )

11.  ".....and that's all there is to it !!!"




   2.   How to EMAIL your photos with  XP


1. Open  Windows Explorer.
    ( Windows key + E  or
      Right click my Computer > Explorer or
      START > All Programs >  Accessories > Windows Explorer )

2.  Find your photographs on your computer.

3.   Change view to Thumbnails.
     ( View > Thumbnails )

4.   Select Photos you want to email.
       ( Hold down Ctrl key and left click on all the photos you want to send )

5.    Release the Ctrl key,

6.    Right Click one of the selected photos,
( on the menu, select )  Send To >
        Then select                  Mail recipient.

7.    A Menu should pop up like this...

8.    Click OK
( Show more potions allows you to set the size, only ever use "small or Medium"! )

9.    This will then open up your mail program ( Outlook express )
( You can also type in your message a and description of the photos )

10.  Send me your photos! - martin@modelboatmayhem.co.uk


   3.   How to Resize ( Compress )   your photos in Paint Shop Pro 7.

I use Paint Shop Pro for nearly all my photo editing.
You can download a free trial ( rather a large download on a modem! - or it's nearly always on a Magazine cover disk every month here in the UK )

Here a few guidelines on how to resize your photos in Paint shop Pro 7.

Click any photo to enlarge - click on your BACK  button to return to this page.

Click this Icon to uncompress pictures on enlarge page   
Usually appears the bottom right/hand side of the enlarge image.
This page was made with my monitor set up to 1024 x 768.


Start by locating your picture, in my case  SS. Cockatiel !
It is a file size of 1600 x 1200 pixels ( pixels are little magic fairies that live in side your computer) & 130Kb in disk size (that real big for a web page or an email ).

NB. This
first image one is Very large!


Load / Start Paint Shop Pro




Use browse icon  or File / Browse
or   Ctrl + B   to open up the picture browser.

Locate your photo e.g. c:\My Documents\My Pictures

  Hover the mouse over the photo you want -
    note file size details.

Double click the photo to open for editing.

 Image should now be fully open.

First we need to resize the physical size of the  photo - from 1600x1200 down to 800x600.
Select the Resize tool by clicking  
or Image / Resize
or Ctrl + S

Select / click Pixel Size,
In the Width box type 640   for a landscape photo
      ( long side top & bottom ),  
for a Portrait photo
      ( shortest side top & Bottom ).  

Ensure 'Resize Type' is set to 'Smart Size' and 'Resize all Layers...' & 'Maintain Aspect Ratio of: '  boxes are ticked. ( The aspect ratio is usually 1.3333 )

Click - OK


You should see image size shrink on your screen -
This will depend on your screen resolution settings.
My monitor is set-up to 1024 x 768

To check image's TRUE size -

Click on  ,
or View / Normal Viewing 1:1
or Ctrl +Alt + N


Now we need to reduce the File Size of the photo.

Select Jpeg Optimizer - ,
or File / Export / JPEG Optimizer.

 Click & hold "Target" icon in-between the 2 pictures and select the most important part of your picture ( in this case the eyes ).

The left hand photo is the original photo - the right hand shows the final output quality that this step will produce.

Note file size difference.


Move Slider to adjust
Final output quality & file size.

Less than 20,000 - Good
More than 100,000 - Bad - Makes for slow downloads and just annoys people with dial-up modems!

Aim  for  40,000 to 70,000 Bytes


Click OK and choose a file name and location, the same folder is the best place.

Click Save


New Files size 800 x 600 Pixels & 20,000 bytes and not much loss of quality.

Job Done !

How to email your Photos..... Outlook Express 6.

Open a new mail in Outlook Express in your usual way...
Click on Create Mail  
or click on a name in your Contacts list.

If your new email looks like this ..

This is Plain Text format.

You can attach photos using the icon.
Attach  as mail photos as you like but remember long / big emails annoy everyone, better to send several shorter emails
with only one or two photos attached.


 Alternatively, you can convert your email to Rich Text (HTML) format and insert the photos right inside the mail. This format tends to get through more emails systems.

After entering a Subject & your message,
 click on the icon to Insert Picture

Browse and find your newly compressed images as outlined in the above section of this page.
Job Done!

Send me your email.


   Here a few things that you can write about your model or project...

Details of Hull or kit or plans, details & Manufacturer
Purchase details,
Original / real ship - builders, owners, usage , history, duties, etc.
Sizes & scale,
Build method,
Materials used
Shaft & Prop size,
Radio Channels & servos used,
Working functions,
Easy bits, hard bits,
What she's like on water,
Redesigns necessary,
What the wife / husband thinks,
......  in fact anything YOU found interesting!