Robbe F14 Navy

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Hello Martin,

I wanted a radio control unit to run all my up and coming boats and tanks. I could have gone for lots of cheap systems, one for each model, this would just be silly. The other major requirement was the majority of the models would need more than 2 channels. I could have gone for an after market add-on, to give more channels. Which after investigation, I did not like the way they operated, very much a compromise. This really only lead to one solution, the Robbe F14, additional channels are so easy to add. The cost is not ideal, but eh, one takes their choice.

The other great advantage is the twin stick control. Ideal for boats and tanks, one could not ask more.

The only major draw back is the inability to have memory packs for the setup of each model. This would need a computer radio, which this is not. But maybe that's the next generation. Saying that, the construction is simple, which hopefully means it's reliable.

Another small change would be easy access to the transmitter crystal, as at present you have to remove the back part of the case. Although this is not a great hindrance, a small access hatch would be a lot easier to use in the field.

The case quality is not as good as comparable aero units from Futaba, it's a little plasticy, is this me splitting hairs or should we in the model boating expect the same as the aero guys?

Saying this I'm very happy with the unit.