Stolen   >:-(

Hello martin could you do me a favour I am the chairman of the Scottish federation of model boat clubs and I was notified by the largs model boat club of a robbery of their clubrooms on the early hours of Sunday so could you put the attached list on your site and pass the list on to anyone else you can think of and we might catch these evil reprobates.
Yours  George Gourlay.

Tthe model photos can be seen on largs club website....                     

Hi George
Here is a list of the items taken:-
1x 7foot 'fleet scale semi kit with sirmar fittings' aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (R07) + plus red/yellow launching trolley - picture on website
1 x 7 foot Arleigh Burke destroyer pennat no 69 + launching trolley
1 x 3 foot west coast puffer - name on vessel Thor
1 x 4 foot QE2 + display stand - ex static shop display model  - one off model
1 x 4 foot Research Vessel Discovery - only 2 made - picture on website
1 x 4 foot Perkasa MTB - wooden hull
1 x 3 foot approx Mersey Class Lifeboat - name on cabin Margaret Jean pennant No 1221
1 x 3 foot Calder Craft Swedish 1940's costal tanker - Branneran
1 x 33 1/2 inches Deans Marine Model - MFV Maggie - BLACK hull not green
1 x 4 foot RAF Fire Boat - wooden hull - believed to be the only one of type in Scotland
2 x Carlson tugs - 30 inches long approx - ready to run kits - picture on website
1 x  810mm Graupner kit - Bugsier 3 harbour tug
1 x 3 foot mobile marine model tug nangee - name on model 'Alba'
1 x 4 foot cabin cruiser - no name - powered by hectoperm 12v motor
Hand sets
1 x 6 channel 'sky sport' 40mghz
2 x 4 channel 'futaba' 40mghz - white casings
1 x 2 channel 40mghz
2 x 2 channel 'futaba' 27mghz
1 x futaba hand set charger
1 x futaba battery fast charger
Thanks for your help