Normandy Model Fishing boats - John Bass

Hello Martin,

Last month we went on Holiday to the North of France, Normandy, in fact only about 5kms from Omaha beach. Whilst about visiting places I noticed this very very small museum, in fact it was a side door to a house. Due to car problems we landed up on the bikes, we happen to cycle past the place on the way to the nearest town for some essentials. I noticed that the door was open, I also noticed out the corner of my eye some model boats…. On with the breaks… wife missed me by inches J… well keeps her on her toes. After a frank discussion on stopping/indicating J, we had a look at the museum. The place was really small about the size of a single garage, crammed with nearly 40 model boats, 98% of them were fishing boats. The owner of the museum/house was the builder of the models and even more impressive had worked as a fisherman on all of them and then built a scale replica of them. He also had a lot of memorabilia of his fishing and Naval career. It’s lucky the Mrs speaks French.. well is French, does help… so we could really have a good conversation, the chap’s English was even worse than my French, and that is not good.


So If you are ever around Port en Bessin On the D514, heading west, Look out for the little museum and have a look around….


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