Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches - John Bass

Hello Martin,

Whilst on holiday in the north of France, we had to visit the location of the Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches. The Weather was terrible so the outside pictures are not ideal by a long way. The museum where the inside shots were taken was small but very good, very much worth a visit if you are over there. It seems even the car liked it and did not want to leave Arromanches, and promptly broke down.

The pictures which show the large concrete blocks at sea are around 2km away!! These were the sea wall defence. It seems that they were built all around the UK, then sunk where they were built, this was to hide them from the Germans. When they were needed for D-Day they were refloated a couple of days before. Each one weighed around 7000 tons! These blocks were only used as a defence to the sea. The track ways where the vehicles moved were very much different, they floated, where as the sea wall blocks were sunk. Over 14km of track ways were built, but only 7km made it to Arromanches!, which was allowed for!

Go there soon before the elements destroy the remaining blocks…

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