Hi Martin,
Norwich, very good large open covered warm space, plenty of room for Cars, Tanks and Off-Road Vehicle display oh and indoor flying of helicopters. Norwich Club have a great display of boats, and an outside pool. Coffee only 50p a cup!! Several trade stands so spent money on bits Christine bought a Model Slipway 1/72 puffer (I got all the other bits to finish it and convert my RNLI toy lifeboat to a controllable one) Spoke to one of the traders and although not too big an attendance will give it a go again next year, well there is plenty of room for three times the traders and three times the visitors before it gets crowded, I hope it happens again next year, I hope there is more publicity, and I hope more go. They are a very friendly lot and deserve as many visitors as possible.
Photos are by both Christine and myself. Dave Castle ( Thanks Dave & Christine! - Mayhem )

Norwich01.JPG Norwich02.JPG Norwich03.JPG Norwich04.JPG Norwich05.JPG Norwich06.JPG Norwich07.JPG
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Norwich50.JPG Norwich51.JPG Norwich52.JPG Norwich53.JPG