Multi Boat Racing at Peterborough

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I had a dabble in multi boat racing a number of years ago but I was no good, had rubbish boats, couldn't drive and got in everybody way and just generally annoyed the other racers! I gave up after one season and got into off-shore power boats for a while. Per-chance I met up with Mick Szebeko (President of the local Peterborough Power boat club) in the local model shop and he invited me down to watch the proceeding on the following Sunday - July 27 2003.

I had forgotten the noise, smells and excitement of boat racing and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was great fun mingling in the pits remembering all the panic that goes on during a race - not being able to find the right Allan key, the dropping of tools, the really fast boat passing you ... again, the dejected walking away from the race while it's still running because your boat has broke and the begrudged  "Well done sir !" offered to the winners. My most forgotten memory (?!) didn't come back until the end of the day when the last screaming boat engine is stopped ..... the silence hits your ears with a strange intensity......!

Anyway, as usual I took loads of picture... enjoy!

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