Elvira well what can I say, I personally wouldnít say no to going for a cruise on a Chris-Craft with her all you have to do is look at her body and I think you would be queuing up for a ride as well (not that I will blame you). Another well finished model.

The row boat had quite a few visitors and picnickers having a bit of a giggle, and who could blame them? Not a quick boat but a beautiful bit of engineering has been done and the workmanship is to the usual standard. Well done Geoff!

 Each time I get up on a Sunday morning I look forward to getting out to the Lake its well worth it to see the standard of modeling that lives at Surrey Park Model Boat Club, there is always a new boat of some shape for form going for a maiden voyage and its never a disappointment, but I want to make a public apology to Peter, but if you will stand out in the water with the level 1/8 of an inch of the top of the gumboots (Wellingtons) I will still sneak up behind you at full power to see the wave pour down the boots, so in other words I am sorry but I promise if the opportunity is there again I will not hesitate to let the chance go by (so donít say I didnít warn you)

Cheers for now till next time

An interesting model turned up at the club today and what a project it is going to be, itís a live steam paddle tug with feathering paddles. The new owner of her isnít to sure of the age but by the look of it I would say it been sitting under a bench somewhere for a long long time.(how could anyone be so cruel?)

Should be interesting to see the cleaned up finished result, the paddles are something that I havenít seen before, the first thing that came to my mind was ďbugger thatís a lot of moving parts to wear out and if something went wrong it most likely would in a big wayĒ but good luck to the new Skipper I hope the project goes well.

   Gallery - Part 1 

Gíday Martin

Instead of going to the Lake today the club was invited to a small town called Yea which is about 90 minutes drive north of Melbourne to run some boats in the local outdoor pool, there was also a few gents there from another lake in Melbourne (Broardmeadows Model Boat Group) and a good time was had by all, there is nothing like sailing a boat in clear water and it also allows for some interesting submarine action at least you can see the sub all the time.

The Delphin was a beautiful model and really gets going under the surface with a good speed (that bloody quick it was hard work getting a good photo of it)

The jet sub is run by two water jets pushing out the back and has a clear plastic rudder good manoeuvrability under water and a lovely piece of work

The River Trout, what can I say very quick and agile excellent control and can get up to three feet above the surface (yes above) and had everyoneís attention as it flew around the pool, I have never seen a model handle the way this one does, very precise and spectacular.

There was a few boats from our club and the Tug of Bills had a had time running around trying to wet the kids, not that they didnít mind getting wet, and sneaking up on a few unsuspecting adults as well.

A BL**DY GOOD DAY look forward to doing it again
Cheers Steve


Gíday Martin

Here are a few more pictures I have to apologize that all the yachts are not pictured but you know how it is, I want to sail too.

Have a look at the DC3 it took of from the water and nearly took the top of a mast of another boat! It was eventfully launched by the highly technical manoeuvre that is hold in hand give it full power and throw! It was flying well until it came to the very highly and other technical bit of flying (the landing) it was caught short on the wind or something resulting in a big splash and a broken set of pontoons.

The Titanic is a very big project as you can see the hull comes in two halves and is screwed together on site. Coal fired steamer with triple screws and a long way to go, the main reason for the trip t the lake was t see how the gearing on the screws was going to perform I will keep you up to date with this project when I can get more information, the only concern tat I have at this stage is that the rudder looks a bit small for the hull length.

The last picture is of Jason Pilgrim and sent to you as a bit of pay back after he sent you my picture, Iím shore you will know what to do with it and donít disappoint me, the only disappointment I have with you is that you still havenít put a decent picture of yourself on the site (donít give me that crap about scaring the kids and animals either)

Cheers Steve


Well what can I say the you donít know about this boat?

I know that this is the first ever boat t be made with steam turbine power in the world and the only problem with this model is that itís too bloody fast to a get good picture of her at speed, but she really scoots along the lake (do you think it has anything to do with the nine propellers on the three shafts?)

Thatís it for now and until the next time all I can say is cheers to you and the family and take care

Cheers Steve