Gíday Martin

 Sunday 22nd May Ď2005 was Navy day at Surrey Park Model Boat Club. What a big day fun was had by one and all (what a large turn out it was) with a large variety of Ships and Boats, all shapes, sizes and types were on hand of a look at and a sail. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

    The type 21 U-boat is a modified Robbie Model, I must admit I was impressed by the size and the folding front bow diving planes, not to mention the performance in the water. I donít thing the young bloke in the picture was to impressed when I put him in front of the boat for a size comparison but his mum didnít seam to mind.

    The other two U-boats went well and I was surprised at how solid they are (one of them took a fairly solid hit near the stern but a Freighter with very little damage) What a mean looking boat they are, it was properly enough to get some of the bigger commanders worried, now if only someone can work out a way of firing torpedoes.

     The Lady Wooes was another visitor to the Club with a very well finished detail and performance to match, the detail on the Bow around the forward steam winch is magic.

    1940ís steamer? Yes thatís right it was built in the 40ís but Les tells me that the radio is from the 1950ís, must have been state of the art back then. Who says old boats need to go on the scrap heap?

 Cheers Steve

Gíday Martin

It has been a while since I sent a few pictures.

The first two of Amora is yet another live steamer from the shed of the great LES LEE and its left me wondering how many ships this gentleman has? It would have been better if he actually got around to wetting the hull, but we all know how it is with these old guys she sat on the table all day but in his defence all I can say is that if the ship is anything like his other models, she will look excellent on the water as all his boats do. I promise to try and get some action pictures when I can.

The Costal Tramp is a fantastic looking weathered ship belonging to a new member of the club, Tim who found the club thanks to you and youíre web site, he found and purchased the model for a very good price (he did tell me what he paid for it but Iím not going to tell) but none the less she is a very realistic looking model with only a few little modifications to be done, the weight is not quite right allowing the prop to splash about a little bit, but a beautiful looking boat on the water. Its good to see new people coming into the club as well.


The Offshore Racer is a very fast boat but as with just about all boats there is a bit of fine tuning to be done, John was complaining that it is a bit hard to control in a straight line but I am sure that if anybody can fix it he will get her right.

Till next time, Cheers Steve