G’day Martin

Another day of success at the lake today it was even better when a good strong northerly wind set in and got the sailboats going (it sorted the men out from the boys).

The Badger is one of Les Lees’ metho fired steamers and I don’t think I need to add anymore comments about it, we at the club all know that his boats perform beyond expectations on he water and the eye for detail is still there, not bad for a bloke of his vintage (just don’t stand behind him after a feed of onions). I am going to make it my mission to get pics of every one of his ships (even if it kills me)

  The Earnslaw is/was a Les boat as well but has just been purchased by another member and converted to electric power with a smoke generator (should have left it as a steamer Peter)

 The Steamer belongs to Grant (the fella with the big tug below ) you all ready have a few pictures of it on Mayhem ( here )  but after I discovered another camera angle (in the engine room) I thought I would send then anyway and she looked nice just sitting there smoking away in the still morning air. I hope he forgives me for sending you the picture of the back of his tug on the trailer but it’s not my fault that he decided to chip out the rust the day before, knowing Grant the trailer will be rebuilt in the next week or two. I think I might of his Christmas card list, but if he’s not going to clean the stoking area at the front of the boiler it’s not my fault that the picture ends up in this message. Sorry Grant but there is the proof and I think the Stokers Union will be putting in a claim for extra dirt money.

 Cheers Steve


G’day Martin

How’s the weather?

Check the size of this Tug Boat I think it would have to be one of the biggest tugs that I have seen with a displacement somewhere around the 60 kilograms mark she sure cuts a big wave on the lake.

Powered on 12 volts with enough power to pull a loaded rowboat around the lake, twin water pumps for the fire monitor, and there is even a computer helping to control the whole thing. There is even a forward ballast tank that has to be filled after launching. Watching this boat on the water reminds me why I love Tug Boats, the shear grunt as the twin props push her along with the bow wave rolling along, the maneuverability as it powers along you could almost imagine what she would be saying if she could talk “look out here I come, now get out of the way” it just the way they look remind me of a truck, all power, brute force, where they want to go they will and bugger anything that gets in the way.

She is another model belonging to Grant the same gent who has the coal fired Steamer and the big Lugger with the dirty sails. Grant was a bit mortified when I took the picture of the props, it seams his biggest problem was that he didn’t want anybody to see the state of the trailer (don’t tell anyone that is full of rust)

Cheers Steve.