G’day Martin

I know that I haven’t sent any photos for a while (well it seams that way) but the Bastards at work have changed the roster and now I have to work on occasional Saturdays and Sundays (*%^$ *&@! # %$$*&#%) but than again it pays the bills.

So it was a bit of a cold wet day and there was a few fishing boats on the lake, thought you might like a look. The first lot of pictures the Nordkap is a well weathered battered looking working fishing boat that was built by Young Bill about 15 years ago and looks the part out on the water. Also out of interest have a look at the home made speed controller that Bill has made for it works a treat saves a few dollars.

SY25 is another model from the Grant workshop and ship yard and as usual with Grants standard of workmanship it looks the part as well as performing as it should, just have a look at some of his other models that you have pictures off, the Coal Fired Steamer, the Super Tug with the rusted trailer, the Pearl Lugger with the dirty sails and RAF Rescue boat.

Cheers Steve