What a crappy day for sailing, cold northerly wind gusting up to 25 knots. Itís what you could call a day that sorts out the Men from the Boys. A lot for yachts getting knocked over, real heart in mouth stuff when the yacht is heading for the island in the middle and a strong gust not letting it come up to the wind.

A couple of new boats today.

First is the EbbyBail gas fired steamer with a lot of attention to detail. I think the pictures donít do her justice, it was a pity that it was to windy to fire up the boiler but I was very impressed by the detail in the cabin (apparently Phillip got some funny looks at the toy shop searching for the doll) Looking forward to a calmer day a see how it goes on the water.

Hey Barbie got a heap of laughs but unfortunately there was another bag on the deck but the prop and the wind got a hold of it and the offending item went through the propeller, with the contents being spread all over the surface of the lake (us a bigger nail next tine Geoff) its amazing what you can do with in Boggie Board and a thematic fan (normally mounted in front of a car radiator to help on a hot day)

Rebecca Anne has been at the lake before but I have never had a chance to get a picture if it. Not a bad looking model with a single prop in a fixed Kort Nozzle with twin rudders.

Cheers Steve

   September 2005  

Today was steam day at Surrey Park Model Boat Club and I am pleased to report that there was a very good turn out and everyone had a good time, the weather was clam and the sun was warm (just what we need after a couple of cold weeks).

The Steamer Tug is a nicely finished twin screw tug that has excellent performance on the water with its double cylinder twin engines and a very interesting small model of a tug on the back.

The Titanic had a come back with a bit more progress on the superstructure, still needing the fourth funnel to be fitted. This is a coal fired triple screw vessel running on a home made turbine. Looks good with the smoke coming out of all the stacks at the moment, but I donít think the smoke is supposed to come out of the windows, also Peter make sure you bring the radio receiver next time, its no good at home when the boat is at the lake J

Twin power is an interesting little rear paddle boat that has an each way bet as to the power method, it can through the use of a couple of one way clutches run on steam or electric power without any further modifications and can be done on the run.

Till next time...