G’day Martin
Hope all is well with you and the family and the weather isn’t getting to cold.

Another fun day at the lake with a new launching (which much to Kathy’s liking bought out the champagne) of a lovely little yacht the Dorade which has been converted from a static model by Doug, she sat on the table from most of the day as the wind was up but getting to the end of the afternoon the wind dropped and out she came. The performance was spot on and as you can see Doug had on of the biggest smiles (but who could blame him) well worth the effort. I did find out some info on the model for you as well. Made in 1931 from a design by Olin Stephens and was first in the 1931 Trans Atlantic Fast Net. Built to a 1/20 scale with a length of 850mm, she looks good Doug! I wonder how many Beers went into this one?

se second lot of Pictures of the Charles Waugh, what a work of art this is. A 29 meter Tug built at Carrington Slipways Newcastle (NSW Australia) to a scale of 5/8” to 1’ with a length of 5 feet and a displacement of aprox 120lbs. Twin screw with independent control of each motor to 4 ½ inch props with rotating Kort nozzles also with independent control. A big model of a tug that is still working here in Melbourne but under a different name. I am proud to say that Ken did at one stage hand me the radio and after a bit of nerves I was able to get her to turn 360o in her own length. Everything on this boat is scratch built (except the Motors) patterns were made for the propellers and the gear boxes for casting and the detail is so fantastic. Sorry I took so many pictures Ken but this is a model that is a credit to you and you skill as a craftsmanship (I only hope that I can get my work to you’re standard) The total time for this build was over 5000 hours over 19 years. Well done Ken and sorry for so many photos. (Still can’t believe I got to have a play with this big boy)