Mid Vancouver Island Marine Modellers show. Nanaimo
April 2005.
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Hello Martin,
Here are photos from the Mid Vancouver Island Marine Modellers show held in Nanaimo in early April. There is a wide variety of models, quite a few local tug styles. Regards, Mike
DSCN1533.jpg DSCN1534.jpg DSCN1535.jpg DSCN1536.jpg DSCN1537.jpg
DSCN1538.jpg DSCN1539.jpg DSCN1540.jpg DSCN1541.jpg DSCN1542.jpg
DSCN1543.jpg DSCN1544.jpg DSCN1545.jpg DSCN1546.jpg DSCN1547.jpg
DSCN1548.jpg DSCN1549.jpg DSCN1550.jpg DSCN1551.jpg DSCN1552.jpg
DSCN1553.jpg DSCN1554.jpg DSCN1555.jpg DSCN1556.jpg DSCN1557.jpg