Adam Greenwold - Robbe SEAWOLF


Hi Martin

Its been a while but here she is!
 The sea trails were a success. I did learn one lesson. Don't make adjustments by the pool side. I spent 5 minutes with my arm in the freezing cold water up to my shoulder fumbling for the Allen key! DOH!!

Of to polish the metalcote on the Hindenburg now...any tips?


My Story:
Having just come back to modelling recently, I have a particular interest in vehicles which use buoyancy to move through a fluid!

Submarines and airships. I have a collection of scale model subs building up on the shelves, Revell 1:700 Kursk, 1:230 skipjack need final varnish finishing coats. Mirage 1:400 U570 (x2) I started one then discovered metal etched parts so bought another to try them on. And trumpeter 1:350 U2518 with motor (I discarded the motor and tried to made the fin/motor propeller area more realisitic. I'm would do it differently if I was doing it again. Of course I have the Revel Type VII C awaiting attention and the CMK crew. I have the Revell 1:720 Hindenburg just started.

All these have to wait while I try and get the Robbe Sea wolf ready for the water for this summer. This is my first ever RC model and I have been crawling through it. I bought it of eBay a while back and my next sub will not have millions of bloody free drain holes to drill and file. (which also means on the Revel Type VII C I'm not cutting out the holes)

I am getting closer to completion and have learnt/refreshed my skills (ha ha!) while doing it. Yesterday was a bit of a disaster, I glued my fingers together, my tongue to my teeth (don't ask) and slashed my thumb with a scalpel. Good sport what!

So scratch building a Turbinia will have to wait a while. I also thought of building a wee sailing boat because I like the idea of harnessing the wind. So if I built something simple, like Wee Nip (MMI plan) I thought it would be a good introduction to scratch building. Then there's an MMI scratch built sub HMS Undine (?) which looks like a simple scratch built sub, but that's straying a little. What is hard to find is a good (affordable) Type IX u boat which would be bigger yet perhaps a less obvious choice to build than a type VII which seem to be everywhere. (Not knocking them mind)

On the airship front, I'll stick to collecting old OOP scale kits, there are a few in the USA.

I like your website, lots of images of what people have made. And your builds are interesting to read.

Ok hope I haven't bored you to death with my exploits (lack of them) :-)