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I started modelling just over a year ago and these are my finished articles.

The first model is a Deans Marine "Hardy" Kit made as HMS Keppel a type 14 (Blackwood Class) anti- submarine frigate. I have built her as she was when I served on her in the late '60's when she was leader of the Iceland/Norway Fishery Protection Squadron.

The kit, from a beginners point of view, was excellent and the instructions easy to follow. I found after the first sail that I had to fit a false keel and disguised it as a sonar dome. To say she was quite lively on the turn was quite an understatement!

The Second model is "Southern Claymore", a semi-scale model of a Christian Salvesen whale catcher, based on the Caldercraft "Sir Kay" kit with a few modifications still to have her maiden sail though she sets well in the domestic testing tank (the bath).

 As you can see by the photo's the bedroom is also my workshop.... which is OK for now and then, well, I'm not sure!! -  "she who must be obeyed" is not happy!

 I  Will add photos and let you know how she sails.
Photos taken on her first outing at the Rosyth Model Ship Club.


  New Photos in from Alan.
At last photos of the " Southern Claymore" out of the bedroom, afloat and sailing well. The model was well commented on at the Festival of the Sea in Leith last weekend.
Alan C