The Warship Squadron MBC

Hi Martin,
Congrats on a brilliant site,

My mane is Alex Smith and I am the Gen Sec of  The Warship Squadron MBC.
We used to be based at Worthings Beach House Lake but due to the Councils lack of maintenance of have we have had to find a new home for our Regattas. We now have exclusive use of The Swiss Cottage Pub on the Lake in Shoreham.
We have had two regattas so far but have a full year to plan for 2006. I would [and my members] be honoured if you could place on your site a few words about us and where we operate from, also a great landlady Barbara with good food and beer on the doorstep!

We work very closely with Southwater Dabblers and will be controlling the pool side of Brighton Modelworld as we have done for many years now.

.Regards  Alex