Andrew Wright - Dutch Harbour Tug

Hi Mayhem,

I got the hull from Kingston mouldings on Monday, have only marked out the drain ports up to now, hope to get the beam shelf fitted for the deck to sit on, in the next few days, am very pleased with the moulding, very good quality and accurately trimmed. this is the second hull I've had from Robin Whitmarsh, the last one was a mini Vap hull, I built it into a model steam launch but with electric propulsion, it was for my son.

I'm trying to decide what motor and running gear to put in, Prop shop seems a good deal, but the prop in the Kort is only 48mm, I would have liked to put in a 55mm, but I guess the Kort will increase the power anyway, Westbourne models do a 75mm Kort from Graupner, but its all plastic and I think a bit too big!, he suggests a torpedo motor geared 6:1, prop shop says a 777 motor is ideal, what experience have you on this matter?, I'm slightly more tempted by prop shop because of his reputation, and the fact that he does real cast props and alloy cast Korts.

Am getting on fine with my Dutch tug, do you know of any body who produces an engine sound simulator, I am thinking of recording my own sound digitally but could do with finding a box of tricks to record on and play back hopefully speeding up with the engine. I saw a tug in Child Beale with the system, but didn't have time to chat to him about it.

A few more pictures of my tug. I decided to take one motor out and make it single screw with a steerable kort nozzle. I couldn't get a 12v 7 amp/hr battery in with two motors, which would have made running time really low, I had tried it out in my pond before hand, and reckon I have at least 3lb bollard pull from one motor. it didn't seem a lot more on two. still at least I have a spare motor and running gear for something else.

I have my hull ready for painting, and the superstructure is coming on nicely, also been doing my own web site, one of two. link :-
Regards Andy.


have not lost interest, or dropped the project, not had much time, this is the latest picture of my tug, almost finished, just some fine detail and a real pucka sound system to fit.
Regards Andy