Darren Clarke - HMS Unsinkable

My boat, not quite ready but very near water!

'Hi everyone,

 I was looking for a sport boat / hull etc . I' bought a Ripmax Interceptor 650 with a view to convert it to IC, took it too the water and got  bored with it within 10 sec flat!

I pasted the controls to my girlfriends 8 year old sister to run the 2 batteries flat and put it in a cupboard and left it there. I then bought a set of plans for a Moonwind sports cruiser / off shore racer suitable for a 15-19 IC glow engine. I also purchased a oz 30 engine both from www.ebay.co.uk.

The boat is coming along well but the engine is a heli engine and I am having trouble finding a flywheel suitable for it. As usual the model shop would rather sell me a new engine than help out. And her indoors who must be obeyed (oh mighty one) is limiting my spending money. Can I make an appeal to on Mayhem for anyone that may have a spare fly wheels lying about for sale at all or know any useful link where to obtain one. Also I would consider a second hand engine anyone may have

I have made the water jacket etc for the OS engine already but cant progress with the boat until the fly wheel is sorted due to engine positioning and mounts. The length of the shaft is 25mm and it is 6mm diameter.'

Many thanks