Dave Townsend

Hi Martin,

Here are the promised pic’s of my plastic fleet, hope they are of some interest.

Corvette full r/c interior lighting, navigation lights, operating front turret, smoke, and siren, international crew British, American, and German!

PT boat really flys, it runs on a 7.2 nicad through a 600 motor, gearbox on twin shafts, twin racing props. Landing craft full r/c bit of squeeze to get it all in, Tamiya 1/35 scale jeep to match, helmsman grabbing a quick coffee and the soldiers having a swift fag before embarkation!

USS Melvin full r/c with smoke and siren, needs conversion to twin motors for scale speed so just a “sideboard model” at the moment

Absolutely no historical accuracy, but I built ‘em for FUN!

Love your site, best regards,