David Webb
Hi My name is Dave Webb
here are some photos and details of my boats.

The first one is a Tug kit from a Mobile Marine Models :- the

She has a 40" GRP Hull, Deck and superstructure are timber it has 2 car type heater motors driving type 60 Korts with Props from Popshop, 2x Electronize Speed controllers, 1x windscreen washer water pump, 4 x12 v and 1x 6v Batteries .The 3 x 12v batteries for the motors, 1x12v battery for the water pump, and the 6v for all the lights the fire monitors turn from left to right and back, working deck lights, 2x searchlights, navigation lights and mast lights all paint is from Halfords. About 90 yards of string was used for the rope on the winches and I have used all 6 channels of my radio. The model weighs in at just over 44lbs and have yet too test the towing ability.

I enjoyed making this kit which was the my first boat the I have ever made and being a beginner I found the kit no problem. I started making the model March 2003 and finished mid July 2003 working on it 6 to 10 hours a day about = 600 hrs.

I then looked around for my next model , which turned out to be the
K.D.Perkasa 49" GRP Hull with wooden Deck and superstructure Kit from Anglia Model Centre.

She has 3 x 600 motors with 3 x props from Popshop, 2 x Volcano speed controllers (1 for Port & 1 for Starboard ). A micro switch works the 3rd motor at full power. 2 x 12v Batteries for all the Power and lights I have also installed sound units for a big gun and machine guns with switching system, and a siren which only works with the 3rd motor using a micro switch, along with a Gas Turbine sound unit that works with the Port Motor only which was made for me, each sound using it's own speaker. All of the fittings came from North Shield Models. Most of the paint was my own mix (for the colours I that wanted ) painting was done with an airbrush because I could not find large spray cans of the required colours.

All of the sounds on the Perkasa can be switched on or off independently because they could become annoying to other people, if they were sounding all the time. The siren is rated at
110 decibels, Turbine sound at about 90 decibels and the Guns at about 50 decibels and the search light also has it's own switch. The Perkasa was purchased at the end of July and was put in the water mid November 2003 finished .WELL I AM RETIRED. Both boat are very large, which, I think makes them a joy to build. What's next? I can't make up my mind!! paddle steamer or a life boat??

Thanks for looking,
David Webb