TF 16 Tug

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My First ever model boat ( still running today some 15yrs later...) is the Tug is A US military berthing tug, The TF 16.

The model was bought as a hull and plan, and is believed to have originated from the states ( after extensive research the origins of the plans/ hull are still unknown) and the model was never really started, I purchased it as an unfinished project from my local model shop, only the rudder and propshaft had been epoxied in, that's all that was done in the way of build, so it was built up Mainly in ply and styrene, a lot of the basic fittings were bought rather than was my first model boat after all !

The construction was done over a period of about 4 months, again the power is now supplied by a 12v car heater fan motor,( I started off with a motor and reduction gearbox, but this was just too noisy) but the current set up in the model is now powered from 6 volt gell cell battery, this maintains the scale speed , without the loss of the torque from the motor. The model is now looking quite tired -and the weathering is real !- that really is rust and the chipped paint does have a 'used' charm.......but one winter I should really overhaul the model, and refurbish her.......but she still sails well and does her stuff at club events and such like.....