Guy Neave - HMS Campbeltown

Martin, greetings!

First shot of HMS Campbeltown in Sargasso Sea type surroundings (not  healthy for Mariners ancient or modern) in St German en Laye which is an old garrison town 16 Km due West from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  Residence of the tribe of Neave.  She is a Sirmar 1/96th scale, with two  Graupner 500 motors, 2 channel Futaba radio control (ambitions currently maturing to add bells, sonar sounds, attack klaxons etc)  automatic bilge pump to ensure that even with rascal waves, neither  ship nor Captain suddenly take on U boat characteristics.

You ask about Sirmar kits, actually, I am more than happy with this  one and am tempted to go for the type 23 Norfolk as the next project  - after bells and klaxons!  As with all kits of this nature, the  finer the fittings, the more fragile ( of course) which makes for  great challenges when transporting from Tribal Longhouse to St  Germain pond or, next week, to the vastly deeps of the Versailles Lakes.  But this is a reflection more on my dubious talents as Load  Master than on Sirmar.  I have had excellent service from them.   Fleetscale make 1/72 scale semi kits.  But that would mean getting another car to fit ships of this dimension into the trunk.

Will send a few more shots in the course of the week.  But for the  now, I must get back to my usual occupation which is doing arcane research on European higher education policy, editing a book series and a Learned (sic) journal.  With that kind of activity,  model  shipbuilding is the only way to preserve as sense of proportion, a sense of the absurd and of humour - in short, to retain the tattered bits of humanity as well as being part of a very different but hugely  interesting community than the one I normally lurk in.

Warmest and best,

Guy (Neave)