Tugs, the TV series.
an Wood

Ian emailed me via the www.modelboats.co.uk forum asking for a copy of back issue of Model Boats that had an article on Tugs - the TV series... This is what I got back!


Hi Mayhem, there were two web addresses on the Theodore packaging, but I had no luck with them. They cab be found at www.theodoretugboat.com/start/

f you search on Theodore Tug boat you will be surprised how many web sites there are.

It turns out that Theodore is a Canadian Tug, there are books and videos available, and a full size working tug has been built complete with face and hat.  There is a nice r/c Model of Theodore on one site, can you imagine a scale judge's face when he finds the model is of a real tug that actually has a face and cap!

Regards Ian


Model Boats July 1990