Ian Green

Dear Mayhem,

Well, well another lunatic! But with a very interesting site. Just found it! Bit like you but older - grrh!

I am very much into 1/96 scale and 1/128 scale warships owning not having built any of the following due to lack of ability!......

1/96 - Musashi (Yamato) - running for first time at Eastnor Show - July 19/20th
1/200 - LION scratch built and lovely.

All work and are 'Ready for sea'!

I would be interested in - PRINCE OF WALES - RICHIELU - VANGUARD. Either
large scale.

Had a lot of boats recently - bought a dose to get what I wanted. Most gone  now except I have : Vietnam Swift - 275, Perkasa (BIG ONE) 250 needs speed controller & possibly receiver as it was old and horrible and burnt out last weekend - fitted 850 water cooled lump.

Hear from you.
Ian Green