James  Payton - ORCA

My name is James D. Payton, and I'm sending you my photos of my pride and joy, that I constructed as a young boy, I send my photos to Model Scale Magazine and was blown off and I never purchased another magazine. I found your web site and have been intrigued and enjoy checking out the information that you have, and with that I'm hoping that you present my joy to all other that enjoy this famous vessel.

This vessel was constructed in 1976, and I have been protecting it all there years, I constructed the Orca about a year after the movie was released, it took this time to find the materials and find a hull design that was right, the hull design came from a boat plan book that I found in my Jr high school which the hull has designed for a lobster boat, I have long lost the plans.

As you know the Orca's real name was the Warlock and the hull was designed from a lobster boat as for as my information has told me.

Size the model is 18Lx4.5Wx20H / Scale I could not tell to at this time.

Build method & Materials used: A basic jig to construct the hull using wood glue, basic bosin wood made the hull and framing, cabin, flying bridge and folsco deck housing all made of match sticks cut down and glued side by side, all that you see was made from scratch the only pre-made items were the pilot wheels and the port and starboard running lights, and the shark jaws are for a ocean perch I caught.

There is no type of power for this vessel, at the time it was constructed just for display purposes, in the future I'm planning on building a larger scale with all the bells and whistles.

Working functions are the windows and the door.

James D. Payton