Graupner Wyeforce / Southampton
ARTF (Almost Ready to Float!)

Hi Martin,
Here are some Pics from my first drive today with the ready-to-run Southampton from Graupner! It was fun driving with her!!! On the water she looks like her "sister" Wyeforce from Modelslipway ;-)

This Tug is very good for a ready-to-run set, the original rc is 27Mhz and fully proportional but I changed it to a 40Mhz 7 channel receiver from ACT, she has twin motors and two fixed Kort nozzles. The rudder-servo is a standard servo. Scale is 1:36 and that's makes her 560mm long and 190mm widht. No other functions are given, but it will be easy giving her some Lights and a working radar.Price is around 300 euro.

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