HMS Velox


Hi Martin,
Now I want to come up with one of my photographs from my smallest R/C model I have built. It`s the HMS Velox, scale 1:100 which gives her just a length of about 64 cm and a weight of 0,38 kilogram. Hope you will like it. - Yes we do! Mayhem

Best regards,
Jörg (member of the GOP/BOF- section)



PT Boat from 1916


Hi Martin,
another boat of mine- a P-Boat from 1916. This was made also scale 1:100, the hull is GRP out of a pattern. My major interest is the British Navy WW1. Even about the plans and sources to make it happen in it's appearance "as build" is a story of it's own. The basic plan was a fragment from John Lambert. My friends of the SWA supported me with additional photographs so I have redrawn the plan and lead all the single chips together to make a complete one of it. ( SWA = Surface Warship Association - http://www.warships.org.uk/ )

Scale 1:100 means in that case: 74cm length and a "draught" of 0,68 Kilograms. This looks very small, anyway it gives a good performance on the pond, even if some waves are coming along (as long as you go "Full ahead"). I beg your pardon, if some used terms or descriptions in my English are wrong- it's been a while since I left school and I don't have too much opportunities to improve it. Living in the southwest of Germany it is pretty hard to meet up with my lads from the SWA or to speak English.


 70 ft CMB

I am sorry that the Modelboats-Forum went down.... ( Long Live the new Forum! - Mayhem )......
Probably some regular visitors remember, that last year in summer I was on the search about information on a 70`CMB. Meanwhile I have made my first trials and have to say, it really runs like hell. Attached a photograph taken on the 5th of April, with my model of this CMB scale 1:24, going full ahead. It's appearance you just can call...... "spectacular"! Now there is just all the small bits and pieces to do, to get it ready.

The scale is  1:24 which means the dimensions are about 91x18cm, total weight 2,7 Kilograms. It is powered by two Graupner Speed600BB Turbo-Motors, with 10 cells NIMH. This configuration gives about 25 minutes of full ahead.

Hope you will like it, ... by the way, we have made two of them (CMB102MT +103MT), Number 3 is already under construction.... :-))

Jörg and Andy