Julian Machin - Steam Launch Victoria

Built in 1912 by Messers Simson Strickland & Co. the Victoria epitomises the era of steam at the beginning of the 20th Century with the enclosed cockpit and open deck to show the steam plant in all its glory.

Length 1077mm
Beam 253mm

Steam Plant
Is the German Wilesco D 49 which has been adapted to run on gas Specs as follows----

Two double-acting brass cylinders with steam jet oilers in a V-shape, self starting automatic drive (allowing forward and reverse), infinitely variable. RC-connection can be joined to the reversing lever.
Base plate for boiler: 12 x 10,5 cm
Height to funnel: 24 cm
Weight incl. aggregate: 0,9 kg
Boiler volume: 330 ccm

The launch features—
1. Working navigation and mast lights
2. Working interior lights (coach lights)
3. Working table lamp
4. Working steam whistle
5. Built in receiver battery monitor.

All features are controllable from the hand set.

Regards Julian Machin