Julio Valenzuela - Canada.
  Tug Boat Race - Detroit! 

Hi, Mayhem,
Let mi introduce myself, my name is Julio Valenzuela, I am originally from Guatemala, Central America. I been living in Canada for 21 years, I have a wife and two daughters, I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This city is locates south of Ontario, border with the city of Detroit Michigan USA. Our main industry is the car manufacturing and anything related to the car Industry. The population is about 200,000 people.
I am an Industrial Mechanic and machine builder, but a resent accident and also few years of working in this Industry left me with a bad shoulder and tendonitis, so at the moment I am in works compensation, but I will return to school at the end of this month to learn mechanical design for the Auto industry, since I like mechanical things I think I'm going to like this career .

Since I like all kind of hobbies, specially if I have to assemble it, but my main hobby are steam trains, the ones we used to run in my old country, and they still run in Colorado USA the company was called Rio Grande. But now they only run these trains for tourist only. I like air planes, cars, motorcycles, boats, trains and some movie toys, as you can see I like different things, as long as is something to assemble, and the more parts the kit has the more I like, because it keeps me busy for hours.

I'm new in the RC hobby. But not in the assembling of scale models, so I think this will be a good project form me to enjoy. I'm sending you a picture of the Marina two from
Artesania Marina that I just finished, too bad it can not be changed to RC.

The Marina ll is my first fishing trawler made of wood, most of the kits I had build had been made of plastic, some out of the box and other I made them out of styrene strips and sheets. The Marina ll is a nice kit, it comes with blue prints to scale, is too bad it does not come with a plastic hull like the other tug boats I seen on your web site, to convert this kit to RC. I had to replace some things that were made of wood for copper and brass tubing, which I glued with super glue and baking soda to make the bonding harder and stronger. The rest of the kit I used carpenter's glue, and wood filler, some time I had to use some clamps as you can see in one picture to hold and form the top front of the hull, I don't know the marine terms for this part. Some other detail were added or changed from the original kit, I always like to change things to make them look better.  This is the first time I build a model made of wood, it is allot of work, but I enjoyed a lot, it is not finish I'm still working on the final details.

 I included some other pictures, the picture of the little boat is from a recent trip to California, this boat is at Santa Barbara Cal. The big one is from here in Canada we use it to go from a town call Kingsville to an Island called 'Peele' here in one of the great lakes.
The other pictures are of my boat, I hope you like them, I changed some things along the way I use copper tubing instead of wood, and replace some other for plastic strips because the can handle bending better than wood.

By the way, thanks to you I decided to buy the Dickie tug boat, I learned how to convert this tug to a full RC boat. I'm still waiting for my boat to come from the US but already bought the radio, servo motor and speed control to so I can star working on the boat as soon as it comes in. I'm happy that you will use my pictures on your web page, so other people can see my work. Thanks for your time and advice.

Have a good day,
   Julio Valenzuela. Windsor Canada.