Name that boat!

Hi again Martin,
Just been to a car boot sale today and found myself two more boats, one is the smaller version of Aerokits Crash Tender ( I now have both sizes) the other is a peculiar looking Launch which appears to have been scratch built, the whole hull is planked construction as is the deck, in the wheelhouse area, towards the stern there are two upholstered chairs and a collapsible fabric awning, the boat is also named LA GRAND ELLE. I wonder if this is significant in any way? There are also some rails on the cabin roofs for some reason ,similar to those on a crash tender for attaching scramble nets to! I would appreciate any help you or your site readers could give me in identifying this boat.

I must be really lucky, if you remember my other crash tender cost 30, well these two were going for 10 each! so I snapped them up. Wish I could do so well on the Lottery.........regards Ken (Stockport)

Sorry Martin, forgot to mention size of the launch........38"x 91/2"