Kevin Mortimer's
AL Kubar

Manoeuvring 1
1.5Meg Quicktime movie

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Manoeuvring 2
3 Meg Quicktime movie

Local modeller Kevin arranged for us to meet up for a photo session at a local lake.

Here's the story of the build.

She took
approx   15months to build slipways torpedo 500 motors with M Tronics -  speed  controllers, very good and responsive, 12v 7Ah battery which provides the ballast. This provides very good duration and is good for over 2 hours of mucking about.

All  bollards are made from brass tube as is the mast. There are 13 working lights  wired using dolls house wire very fine and ideal for feeding through narrow  tubing .the top radar dome was borrowed from an old PBR. The halogen  deck lights are Robbe items so are the navigation lights the wheelhouse light  was a 99p keying all 6volt.

The standard tow hook has been replaced with a  mobile marine models type20 winch along with their brass klaxon foghorn and  loudhailer.  All paintwork is Halfords acrylic car spray very easy to use then   sprayed with satin acrylic varnish.

The only problem I had as a small leak up the rudder tubes. I
drilled the rudder tubes an injected some grease into them no more  leaks. Just as a precaution fitted oil tubes to the prop shafts all runs very  smoothly.

Altogether a very good kit lots of scope  for modifications highly manoeuvrable and lots of fun. Modifications in the future to  include Hiab deck crane and an inflatable workboat.... thanks again martin hope to see you  again


PS. My daughters got really jealous when I told  them about that little girl pictured with my boat could you save me some grief! ( Not a chance! - Mayhem)