Robbe Najade, Mark Wilkes

I have 3 boats in total at the moment, one is a Robbe Najade, the other is a University Club 37 mrtr yacht, and of course, the Gemini which you have seen. The Najade, name Espirit D'Atlantique, has had a refit since those pics were taken, which meant the aft end was tidied up, and yes that fin is reversed I  preferred it that way, as the stern of the ship slopes forward. the pictures of Espirit D'Atlantique were taken when she was using a single 7.2v 2000mah Ni-Cad pack, though now she has sealed lead acids at 4ah rating which means 12volts! though she has not ran since the refit.  the two blade Robbe prop has been changed for a brass 3 blade affair, and since the refit the window has been blacked out as the lacquer had to be completely sanded off, also the visor has gone, giving it a standard appearance.

My Najade has had a refit, with the refit, Espirit was put onto Lead Acid Gel cells, those proved to be too heavy, so Ni-cads are back, wired in parallel.

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