Martin Luthardt

Hello Martin,

Ive visited your website many times, and have always followed the different building projects very eagerly- as well as having had some chuckles about your jokes page.

Well, last weekend we had a model boat competition here in Germany near Kassel (Kassel is halfway between Frankfurt and Hannover), and amongst other boats which were also quite nice to look at, my attention focused on a Clyde Puffer / Northlight, in a really fantastic desolate state: Just check out the corner of the roof, where the metal sheeting has rusted away, and the wood protruding underneath is also showing "many years" of weathering! I don't know who built the model, but I think he did a great job in the detailed wear and tear on board.

I hope you like the photos - I have to apologize for the quality because I only had my mobile at hand. With best wishes, and thanks for the good work on ModelBoatMayhem.