Matthew Scrutton

Hi martin
"Willit" is a diesel tug built from what looks to me like a vac-formed kit with a scratch-built superstructure, again plastic. (does anyone know which kit, and does anyone have pictures of another one? I was told it was made in Scotland) I has a Como drills motor in it. this is connected to a ESC speed controller and this makes for smooth running. the first time it was sailed it had an unknown leak, caused by a little accident when it fell off a table because of my families vintage boats engine when we were fitting Willit out, a year later and i tipped it back to get to some of the drive machinery, this wave of water sloshed out from the forward bulkhead and I spent 30 minutes pumping with a syringe to save the electrics! the prop is very rough and will cavitate when you run slowly astern, stop and go full ahead making a lot of bubbles! the props roughness gives it a wonderful diesel growl sound! the boat has already shown off its excellent handling by saving three toy speed boats that were repeatedly getting overtaken by a elderly (20 odd years) diesel tug from the horrible doom of sitting in the middle of the pond.....Willit has proved very good as a first (operational wise) boat, excellent manoeuvrability, speed and power and I will have to send in pics of my dads Active tug at some point.


PS. Here is a quick update to Willits page. I am currently building a stern wheel tug to the same scale as Willit, the idea being that Willit pulls and Grebe pushes. the main thing about Grebe is that it has no rudder, the paddles run independently of each other and so maintain steering. Grebe is loosely based around a Egyptian paddle tug but anglicised, it will look vaguely like a Clyde puffer with big wheels on the stern! I already have the most important things made, the funnels! I will send pictures of the completed hull soon once the paint dries!