Mick Brown - Mallard & Amarantha


I have been a keen modeller for as long as I can remember and have built all kinds, cars trucks planes and have even flown helicopters . Having built a Kyosho Fairwind as my first boat I am now building a Robbe Atlantis for my wife to sail and have planked the deck as you can see. I have purchased the Robbe Valdavia as my next project but will probably be retired before I start it.
Mick Brown


Just a few pix of my first boat Kyosho Fairwind ( Built as Mallard )

Have just completed my latest project a Robbe Atlantis.
 She's called Amarantha and as has not been launched I made her for my wife to sail so it is up to her to christen her.
Just a few pix to show the build ( She took a total of 362 hrs, everything was logged )
Have just started my next one a Robbe Valdivia.
Best Wishes
Mick Brown