Mick's - Robbe Paroli


Hi Mayhem,
I got this boat of ebay hull only I've fitted it out with water cooled 8.4v BBturbo 12 Sanyo 2400 cells and a grunig propshaft - the 700bb motor +cooling coil and prop shaft was 46 from Astec models and fit the hull perfect . I think the shaft on its own are 17 - http://www.astecmodels.co.uk/

Just got to get receiver to complete  and will let you know how she goes....


Hi Martin, I now have the Paroli up and running and thought you could add some photos of the boat on the water.  It runs really well and is very stable and handles great turns well both ways.  A joy to run on the water.  I am running it on 12  3000 nims cells, 8.4v 700 BB turbo and 42mm prop.  I brought this boat with the intention of completing and selling on once I had the fun of building it but has turned out to be a really fun and so now sits with the rest of my collection.  Have enclosed photo's but was hard to get goods pictures at speed.

Mike Collier