I thought you might be interested in my latest project, a 1/6th scale Mersey Class Lifeboat ! I obtained the plans from RNLI at Poole then scanned and resized the 1/20th scale plans to the desired size. This gives a model over 6ft long and 25ins beam. I decided to make a large model to allow me to fit all manner of operating features e.g. trim tabs, radar scanner, capstans, fire pumps etc.

At this scale all parts will have to be scratch built but the props scale out at a standard size ( 100mm diam x 4 blade). The crew will be modified Action Man figures as shown by the one in the pictures. This boat will eventually be a model of the current Scarborough Lifeboat, the staff of which have answered all my requests for information to the best of their ability.  As I only live 90mins drive away from the station I can visit and photograph the boat when I need more information.

My wife thinks that I have finally lost my marbles as after 30 years of marriage this will be the largest model I have built, prior to this model most of my model boats have been about 36-39 ins long. As yet she has not realised that I intend to also make the launch trailer, the Talus tractor and the boathouse to allow me to launch the lifeboat in the correct manner under radio control over the next couple of years.

Regards Mike Pendlebury (true Lifeboat nutter) !!