Hello (Robbe) Dolly by Nigel

  My Carlson Tug  

A while back i sent you some pics of my Carlson Tug which you put on your brilliant site
I have now built a Robbe Dolly Harbour Launch purchased from A Model World.
Please find attached some photos of it at our club lake. it is only in primer at the moment as myself and the kids have not yet agreed on a colour.
The details for the Robbe Dolly are:-
385 Motor
M Sonic Marine 15 Speed Controler
Futaba  40 Meg Am Reciever
Prop shaft with tube and home made oiler
Shaft is threaded 4mm started with a 55mm Brass Prop now trying a 30 and 35mm Plastic  Prop as the motor was getting a bit hot.
Aftermarket Rudder.
Batteries 2  x 1400 MaH or 2 x 1700 MaH wired in Parallel to double the capacity with a "T" Lead from Modelpower.co.uk

When final colour decide and pained will send a couple more pics.
This is the first kit boat that I have built (hope its the first of many) and I found it most easy and enjoyable to make.