Norberto - The Brazilian modeller

Hi I am sending some pictures of my HMS KING GEORGE V but the pictures are not actualized. The model is more painted in correct colours like steel decks appears wrong by a information error. But unfortunately I can't still sent new pictures. But later ok. The model is 1:160 scale r/c all scratch built mahogany hull, styrene in superstructure, propellers made in UK and motors too. I am using two shafts only. 45 fast motor launches are plank on frame too.  My next model Bismarck have all shafts (3).

I have many pictures of this ship, but actually pictures (the right painting) i am finishing. Basically is a brass, mahogany hull and styrene in the superstructure. The painting is automotive panting using the Snyder Short colour chart for more fidelity. The grey green of superstructure is according the chart. The ship is wonderful design who knows one day i can do it in 1:100 scale?
Well when painted i sent you more pictures.

"Cool you like."
Regards,  Norberto

I am Brazilian and ship modeller.
Thank you

p.s. when finished i sent you final pictures.