Too much time, nothing to do????

All you Mayhemers out there!
Ever had too much free time on your hands? I did until about a month ago, and the following proves it.

Nothing to do (don't count the usual household stuff, laundry, dishes, and so on), so decided to build something out of what I had laying around. I don't know if you guys 'over there' have 'Folger's coffee, but it's very common here and I usually have an empty container or two around (never throw anything away, never know when you may need it! Besides, I'm a 'pack-rat'.).  A couple of graphite/kevlar 'sticks' from a poorly designed airplane (had to be poorly designed, it kept crashing). Assorted pieces of wood and a few of those @#$% plastic bags that Wal-Mart uses. Ah ha! Sailboat!

Still need to stuff the electronics into it, and I haven't figured out what to use for a keel, but it should 'get wet' in the next month or so. Stuck the bottle caps together with CA, a little epoxy, whatever was 'sticky', and put a small bolt through it just 'because'. Used 'Gorilla Glue' to seal the opening for the mast (waterproof, brown, and ugly). Bent some wire for the rudder hinges, cut a slot for the rudder push-rod. A grommet from an old pair of  shoes for the 'feed through' for the sail sheet. Raided the tackle box for a snap-link and some line. Same place for the ballast (lead sinkers and a few wheel weights). Coming along nicely! Access the 'insides'?  Just unscrew the  bottle from the cap. Oops, disconnect the snap-link first. May start a new 'class' of sailboats. Have races for the "Folger's Cup"! I think I'll quit before it gets too ridiculous...


PS - The picture isn't much, but what do you expect at 4 in the morning?!! ( Great stuff - Mayhem)