Peter Bryant - Perkasa

Perkasa fast patrol boat. Built by Peter Bryant of Salisbury. This is my first attempt at radio control model boats. Thanks to members of the Waterside Model Club in Fawley I have now managed to achieve good performance. It runs on a single Graupner 600 motor.

Peter Bryant

Hi again Martin,

I have just completed and test flown a hovercraft that I have built.

Details as follows.
This is my first attempt to build a hovercraft. It was built from plans which I obtained from the Model Hovercraft Association of which I became a member. Other members of the association helped me overcome some of the many construction problems. It is based on the hull of a Griffin hovercraft, but the cabin is of my design.
The hovercraft is 42 inches long, 18 inches wide and 12 inches high. It is powered by two electric motors. A Graupner 600 for forward and reverse and a Graupner 400 for lift. There are 2 ESCs and 2 batteries, one for each motor. The twin rudders make it very manoeuvrable. Unfortunately it is not very good in reverse, however this mode can be used nicely as a brake. Construction is from .04 and .08 mm plywood and 6mm balsa wood. The skirt is kite material. It was spray painted with Tamiya paint and sealed with a clear lacquer. Later in the year I am going to reconstruct the cabin as I am not overjoyed by certain aspects of the one I have at the moment. It will be exactly the same design but will be fitted better and in a different way

Building a hovercraft is quite an experience as is flying it. It is also something people tend to look at twice. So far I have only operated it on concrete and am really looking forward to getting it on water. From all accounts it is a different ballgame on water so it looks even more interesting.

There were two main problems I came across. One was making the skirt as sewing is something I leave to the wife. As she likes dressmaking, she was keen to help. The other problem is storage. As my wife had put some effort into making the skirt she could not object to it being kept on a bed in one of the spare bedrooms. Well that's what I like to think!!!

Pete B