HMS CARDIFF - Phil Aplin


Hi Martin,
Thought I would mail you some pictures of my current project, hopefully to share with your readers.

This is HMS CARDIFF a 1/96 scale mode, using a Sirmar hull (Exeter) and modern fittings (York). I did this so that I could make a current version of a type 42 and not the 70's fit represented by the Exeter fittings, up to this point as you see her today it has taken somewhere in the region of 4 months.
As some of your readers might know the real CARDIFF was decommissioned about a month ago to fall in line with the current defence cuts, a shame really she was a fine warship.
I will be modelling Cardiff as a she was seen on her last voyage so there will be an up to date type 42 destroyer.

I will mail you more pics as progress is made on this most enjoyable model.

Phil Aplin