Raymond Gawthorne  - HMCS Chicoutimi K156

Hello to everyone out there is Model Boat Mayhem world!

My name is Raymond Gawthorne and I live in Washington State U.S.A. I am an avid boat builder. I was surfing the net the other day and came across your website. I sure enjoyed looking at all the photos of the different models. I thought I would send you some photos and a little information about one of the ones that I built.

This is a Canadian Flower Class Corvette, the HMCS Chicoutimi K156. This is a replica of the ship my Father was on in WWII. My Father is still alive today and is 81 years old. It sure was nice to see my Fathers eye's light up the further and further that I got done on the ship. This is a Fleetscale hull with Sirmar fittings. All the super structure was scratch built from Fleetscale plan. All together I have about 1,500 U.S. dollars into the ship. It is 1/48 scale and it's 52" long and 9" wide. It is powered by a Dumas six volt motor. I haven't had it on the water yet accept to balance it out. I worked on this craft off and on for about two years. Right now I am in the process of building a Canadian Fairmile, B class. My next big project will be a Castle Class Corvette. I would like to give thanks to Sirmar and Fleetscale for their outstanding products, I recommend their ships and fittings to anyone! The only thing bad about buying from the UK is what it costs to have it shipped to my house....sometimes the price of shipping is more expensive than the price of the hull. I always try to buy three or four hulls at one time.

Well, I will let you go for now and will send you more photos in the future.

Thank you for looking, Raymond Gawthorne


Here is a photo of my Dad in Canadian navy - 1945.