Richard Harris -  Hovercraft
Hey ya!
Here's a bit about me and my hovercraft.

I'm 18, a college student and this was my first remote control model I have built. The hovercraft plans were found off of the internet but these were not complete so most of the drive system is my own design. The project took about 6 months to complete and was finished around May/June, just in time to show it off at the local pond.

The hovercraft is based on the Griffen TD2000 and is a 1:10 scale model. There are 2 speed 600 motors, one to control lift and another to control the propulsion. The lift motor has a 4-bladed 6-3 prop which give plenty of lift - some times its seems there's a little to much lift! : ) The propulsion motor has a 7-4 prop and gives out adequate push. The hovercraft runs on 2x 6 cell 7.2v ni-cad batteries. but i think i need more power on the propulsion so i am thinking of putting an 8-cell pack on. The models is controlled by a 2 channel Acoms radio system The hovercraft does not have grate speed but it does look good on the water, it also aids other models on the pond if they get stuck, a little push back to the side of the pond wall, instead of someone getting there waders on! The hovercraft works well on concrete and water, but does not work well on grass as the grass allows the skirt to vent air from the bottom.