Scott Rutland

The Orca ( The boat in Jaws)

Purchased a set of plans in the Traplet publications, the plans were basic but gave me a head start on making the hull. The hull consists of 12mm plywood ribs with 1.5mm plywood skin, then a silk fibreglass and resin applied, which was then sanded smooth.

Unfortunately after purchasing the jaws video I found that the hull was not the same design, Oh well. Realising this I made sure that, the superstructure was going to be a better match on the real thing. Using pictures I photographed of the TV screen (this was before the film was released on DVD) I could scale all the detail.

Every thing on the boat is handmade . The painting was a challenge as at first the boat looked brand new, It needed an aged look by rubbing away bits of paint, scratching, And adding rust powder and wood stain to make it look effective, even old tea bags worked wonders.

I used a 12 volt torpedo 800 motor and a 50mm scale prop with a RC-line Electronic speed controller. I have a diesel sound generator and a water pump to spray water through a gun the old man is holding (just for fun the kids love it). I have built a pulsing smoke generator with a miniature air generator To give me the smoke effect I needed via the exhaust pipe. Being my first real model boat project I haven't done bad at all. My next project is a 2metre Elco 8o torpedo boat. First I have to finish my model Gramesy supply vessel.

Scott Rutland