HMS Snowberry -   Shane Jones         


Hi web surfers!

Due to illness I have had a stay in hospital, that's one of the reasons why I built HMS SNOWBERRY,  she's a Revell kit.

I bought the boat from my friend for 20.00. I've always wanted to make a war ship but most of the war ships in kit form are so expensive. She is fitted with a 540 motor and just the 2 channel R/C in it. If money had allowed, I would have loved to have fitted other remote things in Snowberry.

The fist time a sailed her, I couldn't believe how realistic she really looked. I spent a lot of happy hours making Snowberry and now  I've nearly finished a nether war ship this time iv made it out balsa wood.



This is my new project, USS HIBBARD which is built all out of balsa wood. The plans for Hibbard was from Model Boats October 2002. I've just bought Revell's USS ENTERPRISE 1:400 scale. Anyone out there got any ideas for motor sizes for her?

Yours sincerely,
   Shane Jones