by Steve Buchanan, Lake Worth Florida USA

A 1/48 scale destroyer that served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Working turrets with sound effects, radar, lights, spotlights, smoke sound effects (bells, whistles, alarms remotely operated), two 8 round working rocket launchers, one fore, one aft, twin screw, purchased glass hull, scratch built superstructure and electronics. Length 76" weight 65 lbs. Fastest thing I've ever built. With her stern dug in, and a rooster tail, she's the fastest DER in existence!


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USS WHITE RIVER, LSMR 536 (Landing Ship Medium/Rocket) One of a number of LSM's converted for shore bombardment during beach landings, ships like the White River served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the White River provided gunfire support and interdiction fire for US Marines ashore with her battery of 5" spin stabilized rockets, 5 "38 gun, and fore and aft twin 40mm mounts. The volume of firepower from her rocket launchers equalled any five or six gun U.S. destroyer. This model in 1/48 scale is 60" in length, and weighs 50 lbs. Working lights,siren,radar,40mm mounts with sound effects chip, working 5" mount with lamp in barrel and sound chip, sound effects for leaving harbour and general quarters alarm, Working launchers train outboard and fire 20 rockets per side! From across the pond, this is Steve Buchanan